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Personal training

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The coach is Max Nevalainen, a trained personal trainer.

"I have been training purposefully for more than five years, coaching clients since 2018."

Content of coaching

1. Customized training program

2. A customized nutrition program

3. Monitoring of development throughout the coaching

4. Weekly communication and program edits

The coaching will appear in the Trainero Client app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.  

Download the app to your phone and register via the link provided by the coach, which can be found in your email.

Trainero Client app

You will get different tasks  Trainero Client app. Instructions for completing tasks can always be found well explained.


Routine tasks include recording morning weight and sleep in the application.

Daily meals and training entries should be acknowledged as directed by the coach.

Weekly reporting

We make the necessary changes to your training and nutrition program on a weekly basis so that your progress is on the rise and the programs are as optimized as possible for you.

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